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Eliminating acne

Written By Cuman Junior on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 | 10:13 PM

Eliminate acne, is not an easy thing. Most treatment is only carried out only in treatment, regardless of the treatment carried out from within. The result is, when a series of acne removal treatment stopped, the acne will show again, even in amounts more often and more severe.

Have you going through the mind, precisely why acne occurs more frequently in adolescents, or when coming months? The main factor that makes this happen is a hormonal imbalance, and then compounded by external factors such as errors of treatment, or lifestyle that is less good. When these two factors are fixed, then is not impossible, faces clean and free of acne, you will be able to have.
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Tired of stubborn acne

Consider areas of our body which is often seized with acne. namely the face, though not close the possibility of acne can grow well in other areas such as chest or back. Why is that? Because facial skin is different from other parts of the body skin. More sensitive and there are more oil glands. These oil glands become very active in production especially during puberty. or when coming months. The more oil glands which produce, then the bacteria will flourish. And bacteria is then change the oil gland that was originally a liquid, a solid form. The result is skin pores become clogged, and there is inflammation in the skin. The result is a pimple appears not only one of two parts of the body, but a lot.
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